Nuru Massage

Want to experience an hour of pleasure, get a positive charge of energy, and feel the tenderness of masseuse’s hands on every part of your body? Try a Nuru massage, which was given to us by ancient Japan. Come to the skillful nuru massage models, who know the secrets of touch. After a Nuru massage, you will feel like a real samurai with a hard Katana!

During a Nuru massage, a masseuse excites and relaxes her guest, and stimulates his chakras, paying attention to the loins area. Unhurried caresses, semi-darkness in the room, the smell of aromatic oils, and the sound of romantic melodies during a Nuru massage bring the client closer to complete relaxation. Order a Nuru massage and go to the eastern fairy tale with your masseuse today.


What is Nuru massage?

The main secret of Nuru massage is a special hypoallergenic unscented seaweed gel, which will multiply the sensations. It is the Nuru gel that will reveal all the possibilities of the widely known erotic massage when the client’s body is not affected by the masseuse’s hands, but by her own body. It is transparent, odorless, and also has excellent properties to experience the tactile sensations and emotions from the incredibly pleasant contact with the body of the nuru model.


Nuru means “slippery, smooth” in Japanese and contains the beneficial seaweed nori as well as aloe extract, which has an excellent effect on the skin, making it soft and silky to avoid unpleasant sensations.


Even an ordinary body rub massage is known to be a good stress reliever, but its range of action is still limited. Whereas Nuru massage gives complete relaxation and an amazing experience that completely relieves fatigue and boosts your stamina!

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How the best effect of the Nuru massage is achieved

Nuru massage mainly differs from the usual erotic massage by the fact that not only experienced female hands explore the most intimate areas of the client. The masseuse takes pre-warmed Nuru gel and applies it to her beautiful body and the body of the client. After that, the skin becomes very smooth and soft. It will be very easy to interact with and the usual boundaries between the bodies will be erased.


The masseuse will glide over the body, massaging it, leaving no chance for other thoughts except for getting amazing bliss and relaxation. These strong sensations in waves of ecstasy will wash away everyday fatigue and apathy.


Nuru massage is experientially used to captivate, excite, and immerse in a voluptuous experience without the use of intimate services. The positive effect is achieved through repeatedly enhanced tactile experiences and energy exchange.


Benefits of Nuru massage

Booking a Nuru massage session, you get a lot of benefits:


  • Specially trained masseuses will unlock in a new way the potential of not only ordinary but also erotic massage with the help of Nuru gel and their amazing appearance.
  • Our masseuses use high-quality Nuru gel, which has no contraindications to use, does not cause allergic reactions, and has a beneficial effect on the skin.
  • The new experience will not only quickly and qualitatively let you get rid of stress but also feel an unusual burst of energy and vivacity in the body.
  • Unusual pleasure will bring a fresh taste and diversify your daily life.

You will notice how your body feels better even after the first bodyrub session. But to feel completely satisfied, it’s better to book such procedures regularly. This way, you will notice fantastic differences not only in your body but also in your mind.

Order a Nuru massage for an unforgettable experience of subtle erotic relaxation given by Japanese traditions. Upgrade your relaxation with a spicy touch!

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