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It isn’t a conventional charm that keeps us coming back to Bangkok. The Thai capital doesn’t have an Old Town like Hanoi, the modernity of Hong Kong, or the density of temples like Siem Reap (though few places in Southeast Asia are as spectacular as Wat Arun at sunrise). But the good thing that with you can find the best nuru massages and sensual body rub sessions anywhere you go.

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  • BEST TIME TO VISIT November to April

Essential Oils for Perfect Erotic Massage Sessions

Using essential oils during the erotic massage in Bangkok, the masseuse brings new sensations and sensual pleasure to the client, which are brought by the smooth sliding movements on the body. The body is saturated with useful microelements, the skin becomes more elastic, silky, and soft. Of course, instead of oil for erotic massage in Bangkog, some masseuses can use a greasy cream, lotion, gel or even olive oil. You can notice that a special gel is used during a Nuru massage. But only high-quality essential oils will arouse a man's desire and excitement because these are true aphrodisiacs.

Types of oils for erotic massage

Oils for erotic massage have common features. They have a complex odor with tart, woody tones that evoke erotic associations. They have a rejuvenating and revitalizing effect. To choose the right oil during a body rub session, one is guided by the fragrance. It is possible that some choices will cause disgust instead of the expected excitement. There are many essential oils that increase libido. The most popular for erotic massage sessions are cedar, jasmine, myrtle, cardamom, juniper, orange tree, clary sage, sandalwood, patchouli, ylang-ylang. Ylang-ylang is the most popular aphrodisiac oil, which helps to open the emotions and plunge into the abyss of passion and pleasure. It is useful for owners of dry skin. Bergamot warms, giving a positive impulse to sway energy. The oil will get rid of stress during a bodyrub session in Bangkok. Patchouli enhances the higher chakras and fills the atmosphere of erotic madness. This oil gives an explosion of energy. Geranium gives back brightness and vivacity of sensations. It calms and energizes during the depression. The tartness and the incredible freshness of grapefruit oil make the body rub massage bright and unforgettable. The rosewood will open the mystery of sensual perfection and turn the Wheel of Fortune in the client's direction. It will calm your nerves and improve your brain function. Lemon oil for erotic massage will increase vitality, tone, and relieve fatigue.

How oils are chosen

When choosing which oil is suitable for an erotic massage in Bankgog, masseuses remember that pure essential oil cannot be applied to the body. It must always be diluted in the base oil. It is enough to add a few drops of an aphrodisiac in a jar with the base oil to get an effective mixture for an erotic massage. If there are some problems with this, it can be used as a base oil, but one must always dilute it with a few drops of aphrodisiac oil.