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Scottsdale, AZ

Don't hold yourself - book the best Nuru Massage and Body Rub in Scottsdale, AZ


Erotic massage Scottsdale gets more pleasant with massage oils. Thanks to them, touches during body rub sessions soften, helping avoid dry skin and irritation, and their fantastic aromas make a session more exciting.

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Massage Oils: A Way for Relaxation

It's not a good idea to have a body rub session in Scottsdale without massage oils, as erotic massage without oil causes skin dryness and burning. The right base oil and flavoring will enhance the effect of the procedure. Base oils can be solid and liquid as well as light and heavy. They are mixed with each other and with fragrance oils to get a massage product. Only light oils can be used solo, and only in those cases where there is no other choice.

Types of Oils

For traditional and Nuru massage in Scottsdale, it's a must to use special oils. They make the movements smoother and more gliding, prevent skin irritation, and create an aromatherapy effect. Also, each type of oil has its specific properties, which enhance the effect. Oils come in solid and liquid, both types are great for body rub massage in Scottsdale. Only the liquid ones are initially fluid, while the solid ones melt in the hands of a masseuse. Solid oils are recommended to buy for dry skin.

What Makes Massage Oils

Massage oils usually comprise several oils, base oils, and essential oils. Essential oils act as the active ingredient. They are widely used for aromatherapy and improve the condition after an erotic massage in Scottsdale. Aroma oils can significantly increase the efficiency of the procedure. These oils aren't used in their pure form either. They have too strong an aroma. The fragrance is selected depending on the tasks that should be performed during a body rub massage. The fragrance can be relaxing, tonic, and antiseptic. Some oils have an anti-cellulite effect. They help to get rid of excess weight and cosmetic imperfections. Professionals buy solid and liquid oils in sets to combine them properly and get the desired result of a Nuru massage. Some manufacturers produce a series of such oils, combining them according to their effect.