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Where the pubs are as old as the monuments and Nuru massage and Body rub services London are closer than you tink.


London is as much about innovation as tradition; it’s a place that’s impossible to finish discovering, where the promise of something new is always in the air. Across the Thames River, the London Eye observation wheel provides panoramic views of the South Bank cultural complex, and the entire city. Book your London Nuru Massage Body Rub in UK.

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Erotic Massage and How It's Performed

Bodyrub is a procedure aimed at the intensive impact on the musculoskeletal system. The therapeutic effect is provided by relaxation and contraction of musculature. Besides, there is an impact on vessels, small capillaries, and the lymphatic system. In this kind of body rub procedure, only the mammary glands and crotch area are excepted, the face is not massaged. The correct performance of the bodyrub procedure has a significant health effect on the entire body. To get the maximum effect of the bodyrub massage in London it is recommended to conduct it by courses. Each course includes from 10 to 15 procedures. Every erotic body rub procedure lasts at least one hour. When performed correctly, bodyrub or erotic massage creates a feeling of lightness and provides a burst of energy.

What areas are being worked on

The professional bodyrub session in London involves working on all areas:
  • Cervical collar;
  • The middle section of the spine;
  • Lumbosacral.
All of these areas are sensitive and vulnerable in different ways, and they can be improved with body rub and nuru massage techniques. People who sit a lot usually experience discomfort in the lumbar spine because the load during prolonged sitting is enormous. But standing for a long time and manual work usually leads to stiffness in the shoulder girdle, which causes discomfort in the neck and between the shoulder blades.

Indications for body rub

Bodyrub session in London is indicated in the following cases:
  • Occurrence of persistent or recurrent headaches.
  • Nervous overstrain, chronic fatigue syndrome, the appearance of depression.
  • The appearance of muscle pain.
  • Disturbance of sleep, the occurrence of insomnia.
  • Osteochondrosis of different parts of the spine with pain syndrome.
  • Recovery from various injuries.

How Nuru massage is performed

The first stage of the body rub procedure in London is diagnostic. The specialist must determine the condition of the patient's body by lightly stroking and kneading the muscles. This allows you to determine the presence of the most problematic areas, localize pain syndrome, inflammatory processes, and assess the current state of the joints and ligaments. This diagnostic period can last up to 10 minutes. Next, according to the classical scheme, the masseuse affects the patient's back and thoroughly kneads the arms and neck. This is followed by a massage of the legs and buttocks, with the masseur affecting areas of the body in the direction of the lymph flow. As a result, a lymphatic drainage effect is created. The lymph circulation is normalized and the outflow increases. The power action should be completed with relaxing stroking, and then the patient should be turned over onto his back.