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Chicago, IL

Don't be bored and tired in Chicago. Book your sensual nuru massage.


Bodyrub Chicago has lots of benefits for your body. Regular body rub sessions with an amazing masseuse relieve pain in your spine, let you forget about fatigue, anxiety, and improve your mood.

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5 amazing benefits of bodyrub in Chicago

After a body rub massage in Chicago, you don't just feel wonderful. An erotic therapy or Nuru massage can benefit your whole body in the most unexpected ways. If your neck was tense, it's no surprise that you feel so much better now. But the benefits of a good body rub massage can be much greater than you think.

Relieving the feeling of fatigue

The positive benefits of a bodyrub massage can have a profound effect. According to a Medical Center study, patients who received Swedish massage showed changes in their immune system responses. Specifically, they experienced an increase in white blood cell counts that help fight infections.

Reduced feelings of anxiety

People with generalized anxiety disorder can also benefit from erotic massage therapy.

After six weeks of Swedish massage therapy, clients experience significant reductions on the Hamilton Anxiety Severity Scale that measures feelings of anxiety, tension, fear, insomnia, dry mouth, and agitation.

Back pain relief

Chronic low back pain is difficult to treat. Moreover, according to the new guidelines, you should not take any medication often to relieve it.

Nuru massage in Chicago and other types of body rub therapies may be a great way to improve your condition quickly. About 50% of people with chronic low back pain who received 10 bodyrub massage sessions each experienced clinically significant relief. This effect was consistent, with 75% of patients whose condition improved after 12 weeks of massage therapy still feeling better after 24 weeks.

Mood Improvement

This is not just a play on your imagination: you do feel better. These benefits can also extend to people suffering from depression.

Bodyrub massage sessions significantly reduce symptoms of depression. However, researchers say that more controlled studies are needed to find out which types of body rub massage are most effective.