Nuru Massage

Hey there! Welcome to the wonderful world of nuru massage. You might be wondering: what is nuru massage? Simply put, nuru massage is an erotic and sensual massage that uses a special type of gel to create a slippery, body-to-body experience.


In this comprehensive guide, we’ll break down everything you need to know about nuru massage. From the basics of the experience to the different strokes and techniques used in a nuru massage, we’ll cover it all! So whether you’re curious about giving nuru massage or you’re ready to experience it for yourself, keep reading.



What Is a Nuru Massage?

You may have heard of the term nuru massage before, but what exactly IS it?


A nuru massage is a form of erotic massage that uses full body contact between the masseur and client. The masseur will be completely nude, while the client remains clothed. The nuru massage is said to have originated in Japan, and is known for its slippery, sliding style.



Popular Nuru Massage Techniques

Before you start getting all hot and bothered, it’s important to understand the different techniques involved in nuru massage.


The most popular move is the gentle squeeze of the neck and shoulders to release any tension. From there, you can grip your partner with your legs, grinding your pelvis and buttocks against them for extra stimulation.


Nuru massage is based on the traditional Japanese style of massage, which uses a full body contact approach. This means that your partner will be using their entire body to massage and stimulate you. Talk about getting up close and personal!



Nuru Massage Benefits

You’re probably wondering what the benefits of nuru massage are.


Well, let us tell you. Nuru massage can help to relieve stress, relax tense muscles and improve sleep quality. In addition, it can be a great way to connect with your partner and experience a new level of intimacy.



Finding a Reliable Nuru Massage Service Provider

It’s time to find a reliable nuru massage service provider. Here’s the thing–as the demand for nuru massage has started to trend, so has the number of massage providers offering it! From local providers to more international ones, there are plenty of options to choose from.


Popular sites like RubPage and have great listings of massage providers in your area. If you’re looking for a wider selection, check out and Honest Massage– both are directories that provide an in-depth list of massage service providers from all over the world.


Whatever site you choose, make sure you double-check that the provider is genuine and qualified before booking your appointment!


Preparing for Your Nuru Massage Session

Alrighty, so now that you know all about the basics of Nuru massage and what to expect during your session, it’s time to start getting ready for it! First and foremost, make sure to take a nice, hot shower before arriving for your appointment. This gets rid of any body sweat and oils that might interfere with the massage experience.


Next up is creating a relaxing atmosphere in the room where you will be receiving your massage. Dim the lights and light some scented candles to help you get into that chill n’ relaxed vibe. Oh, and if you really want to stay authentic to the Japanese origins of Nuru massage, throw on some traditional music or maybe even set yourself up with a sake or two!



Aftercare and Recovery Tips for Your Nuru Massage

After your nuru massage, it’s important to make sure you relax your muscles by using some warm oil. This will help to keep the areas that were massaged during the session soft and supple. Additionally, it’s a good idea to cleanse your body before the massage, as this helps to restore the oils that are lost during the massage.


Finally, remember that nuru massage isn’t just about getting pleasure—it also promotes inner healing. After a session of nuru massage, take some time for yourself to reflect on how it made you feel and how it can help you deal with stress and tension in your daily life.


So, there you have it: everything you need to know to get started with nuru massage. Just remember to take things slow and easy at first, and to use plenty of lube!

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